Ad-Hoc Repairs

Our Ad-hoc pricing explained

We have tried to keep our pricing structure as simple as possible so that you don't feel you are trying to second guess how much a repair will cost you. Our prices are split into two sections, Flat Rate and 3 Tiered.

Ad-hoc Repair Pricing Options
Flat Rate fixed price repair. One price, whatever the fault.
3 Tiered fixed price repair. Price depends on the faults found.

If you need to know in advance how much each of your repairs is going to cost then the Flat Rate pricing is what you should go for. However by using our 3 Tiered pricing structure, you may be able to save yourself money. Our 3 tiered pricing structure consists of 3 levels of repair depending on the faults we find, with a fixed price for each tier for any given product. A simple problem requiring no major components is cheaper for you than a flat rate repair, but a more serious problem will cost more.

Level of RepairDescription
EvaluationTo assess and diagnose a unit, including no faults found.
Level-1 RepairReplacing plastics, keypads, and reflow work. Also includes reflashing the software to a device.
Level-2 RepairAs Level-1, plus upto two major components e.g. replacement main board, scan engine, display or radio card.

Of course, if you would like to know more about our fixed price repair service, or if you would like to hear what we can do for you in terms of maintenance pricing, then you can contact us for further information either by phone, or using our online contact form.