Site Survey

What is a site survey?

A site survey is a method of measuring the strength of wifi signals throughout your site.

Your wireless network is carried via radio waves emenating from your access points. Like all radio waves, these signals lose strength the further they move from their source (the access point), and will also be obstructed by physical objects, particularly metallic ones such as racking, reinforced concrete, and ceiling grids. It is therefore important to position your access points carefully in order to ensure adequate coverage for your network requirements.

Our Service

Our service begins with a consultation to determine what you wish to achieve with your wireless network, where you need coverage, and what kind of coverage is important to you. This allows us to design a network that fulfils all of your present needs without overspeccing the equipment or your budget! We can also design in expandability so that you can upgrade your network at a later date, to increase coverage or data rates without needing to install an entirely new system. This ensures you are getting the maximum benefit from your investment as and when you need it.

We will then perform a wireless transmission survey of your site which will determine suitable locations for your access points, and allow us to specify the most suitable equipment for your needs. Once this is completed we will present our findings to you along with our recomendations, and move on to arranging installation and commissioning of your new wireless network.