'We can buy your rubbish'

Every year, over 6 million electrical items are thrown away, and of these, at least 75% end up in a landfill site! That's an astonishing figure, and anything that anyone can do to reduce this waste is helping the environment.

Rather than throwing out your obsolete barcoding, POS, or wireless equipment, you could help the environment and turn it into cash by contacting us. We buy barcoding equipment that has reached the end of its useful life for you, removing it from the country's waste stream, and putting it to good use. The equipment we buy may be used for spares, or put into our refurbishment program for someone else to purchase as second user equipment. Either way, it is being recycled in the most effective way. If we cannot use any of the electronic equipment we buy, then it will be disposed of in an environmentally sound way at local recycling centres.

'What do you get?'

In return for your end of life equipment, you can elect to either recieve a cheque from us for the value of your equipment, or use it as a part exchange when you buy equipment or services from us. We will value your old barcoding equipment based on make, model, age, and condition.