About Us

'One Stop Solutions'

At Laser Data Systems our goal is to be a true 'one stop' solutions provider for all your barcode and data collection needs. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or maintain your equipment we can help.

We buy, sell and repair all barcode and data capture related equipment from leading manufacturers such as Symbol, Telxon, Intermec, DataLogic, HHP, Psion and many more.

We can also supply and support equipment that has been deemed 'end of life' and discontinued by the manufacturer. Allowing you to make the decisions that are best for your business needs.

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You can contact us by mail, phone, or online with our web contact form.

Laser Data Systems is a breath of fresh air in the barcoding equipment industry.

We are dedicated to the highest levels of customer satisfaction and care and our expertise encompasses many manufacturers of barcode scanning equipment. This includes; Symbol, Telxon, Intermec, Handheld Products, Datalogic, PSC, Opticon, Nippon Denso.

The Company

Laser Data Systems was incorporated in 2007, and was founded on the principles of putting you, our customer, first, and on a basis of continual improvement and education. We aim to keep you in the picture with your orders, whether it is a sale of new or refurbished equipment, or a repair that we are carrying out for you. In 2010 Laser Data Systems bought IT Reclaim in order to expand our business. Based near Swindon, we are well positioned for national and international transport networks which means you can be sure that your goods will be dispatched on time and reach you on time. Swindon is also well known for its wealth of technical and electronics expertise, which makes it the perfect location for a choice of top tier technicians.

The People

The people are the core of any business, and at Laser Data Systems we understand and embrace this idea. Our employees are all focussed on ensuring LDS upholds its core principals and provides the services to our customers that they wish for but rarely expect.

Our focus is our customers, and this is reflected in the effort that all of our team puts in to ensuring you get a professional and prompt service. Laser Data Systems employees are what makes dealing with us an experience you will want to repeat.